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'X' CEO: “Lawful But Awful” Content Hidden as Shadowbans Makes a Return

'Young Global Leader' Linda Yaccarino returns Twitter to censorship central, just this time they won't tell you they're hiding your content.

Linda Yaccarino, 'X' new CEO, former NBC advertising executive, and one of Klaus Schwab's 'young global leaders' has returned Twitter to its former-self, with a programme of shadowbanning any content it deems 'awful'.

Appointed CEO by Elon Musk, Yaccarino stated in an interview that she has total autonomy over the platform and operates totally independently of the entrepreneur. Musk is firmly in a tech-based role according to Yaccarino, with freedom of speech seemingly only extending to Musk whilst normal users continue to have their content routinely hidden from view.

Her remarks have reignited debates surrounding freedom of speech and the direction online platforms should take in 'moderating' content.

During a CNBC interview, Yaccarino discussed the demarcation of duties between herself and Musk, with the latter focusing on “product design” and leading “a team of extraordinary engineers [focusing] on new technology.”

However, it is her stance on the website’s content policies that has raised eyebrows among free speech enthusiasts.

" freedom of speech, not freedom of reach,”

In clarifying X’s approach to moderation, Yaccarino introduced the concept of “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach,” a policy where users, when posting narratives that are not in line with approved standards, are labeled, possibly demonetized for that content, and have their visibility reduced on the platform.

“If it is lawful but it’s awful, it’s extraordinarily difficult for you to see it,”

she remarked, insinuating that even legally permissible content might be obscured if deemed undesirable by the company.

So, for all Elon Musk's posturing about 'free-speech' nothing has really changed at the social media site. They're still actively and deliberately censoring free speech. This will be hard to believe for some who believe all the hype that Elon Musk has caused, but what the entrepreneur says he does and what he actually does are two very different things.

Appointing a WEF 'young global leader' to run Tritter was a clear indication that nothing was really going to change and, other than the logo,and nothing has; It's still censorship, just in an even more underhand way.


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