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'Wonderful' 16 Year Old Girl Dies After Pfizer Vaccine 2nd Dose

Anita Vitoria Ribeiro Bentivoglio: Killed by the vaccine

Anita Vitoria Ribeiro Bentivoglio, 16 years old, a healthy young teenager, was a very active and healthy girl before being given the jab, enjoying Zumba, sports and Dancing.

However, after the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine Anita began to feel unwell, complaining of fatigue, aches and pains and began to find if difficult to walk. In this state for the first two weeks, Anita then began to suffer diarrhea and vomiting. Concerned her father took Anita to the hospital who suggested that Anita could be suffering with a virus.

The doctors they gave Anita diarrhea medication and discharged her. The diarrhea symptoms improved but she continued to deteriorate and eventually couldn’t even get out of bed. As the days went by, Anita continued to deteriorate, with fatigue and aches and pains worsening. Anita then began complaining of stomach pains, and began losing consciousness at which point an her parents called an ambulance who rushed her to the same hospital that had discharged her with Diarrhea medicine days before.

Doctors told her parents that their daughter was now "very ill", and that her brain had lacked oxygen and that she would have very serious sequelae. He also said that it would be necessary to intubate her.

Anita's father said "Just two hours after entering the hospital, the doctor who was taking care of my daughter called me to say that she had died." "My daughter, a wonderful and loving girl, who was a beautiful healthy young woman, passed away on 01/20/2022 at 17:14, exactly 2 months after the vaccine. The death certificate states “undetermined cause”

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