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Woman with Sign Saying 'f*ck Imperialism, Abolish the Monarchy’ Arrested at King's Proclamation

All of a sudden Andrew Marr is worried about free speech.

A green-haired anti-monarchist tried to make the King's proclamation all about her in a display of narcissism that angered much the crowd.

Moments before the proclamation of King Charles III, Sunday afternoon, the green-haired Marxist appeared in the crowd brandishing a sign that read ‘fuck imperialism, abolish monarchy’.

Police and security appeared and quickly apprehended her before marching her away, all to applause from the crowd.

It was later confirmed that the 22-year-old woman was arrested ‘in connection with a breach of the peace’.

Former BBC political presenter Andrew Marr, now on LBC, condemned the arrest of the woman claiming that the arrest was ‘outrageous’.

Marr criticised the arrest during an appearance on Monday’s Good Morning Britain and claimed that King Charles III had been ‘alarmed and upset’ by the move, but Marr likely making an assertion that was simply not true. King Charles did not hear or witness the incident.

Marr went on ‘We have seen protestors holding up cards saying they don’t want a new king, they don’t want a monarchy and a few people booing and they have been arrested up and down the country,’ entirely forgetting that conservative voices have been systematically blocked from the public square for over two years, labelled as 'misinformation' or 'hate speech'.

"I think that is outrageous. We are a democratic country. We are an open disputatious country where we can say what is on our minds and I don’t believe for a moment that this is what the new king would have wanted."

Where were you when conservative voices were being banned Andrew Marr? You happily went along with the assault on free speech then yet now that it's a left-wing voice being silence you're 'outraged'! You can't have it both ways. You're either for free speech or you're not. Being suddenly 'outraged' just because you agree with the sentiment shows what a jug-eared left wing idiot you really are.

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