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With Just 22 Days of Diesel Supplies Remaining in Entire U.S. Civil War is Coming Warn Experts

The U.S. runs on Diesel, not windmills of solar panels, but Diesel and when it runs out everything stops; farming; industry and freight all come to a halt, and what will follow is the breakdown of society itself.

U.S. diesel supplies are becoming critically low, with experts saying there are just three weeks stock still remaining is the entire country. Stocks of diesel and other distillate fuel oils were just 106 million barrels on Oct. 21, the lowest reserves since records began.

Distillate inventories were a massive 26 million barrels (-20% or -1.94 standard deviations) below the seasonal average for the previous ten years (“Weekly petroleum status report”, EIA, Oct. 26). The country is rapidly running out of the fuel, a product that 80% of industry and 100% of Farming relies upon.

Reuters: 'There are early indications manufacturing and freight activity peaked in the third quarter of 2022. If confirmed that would take some of the pressure of distillate inventories.'

Whilst Federal officials have tried to play down the crisis stating "Stabilising then rebuilding inventories to more comfortable levels will require a significant slowdown in freight movements and manufacturing activity." but that is an understatement. Once diesel reserves are gone everything stops. The entire country runs on it and without it society will start to break down within a matter of days.

Market Analysts have red-flagged the crisis, warning that the Biden administration must act now before the crisis sparks civil unrest, whilst others maintain that it is the administration behind the crisis. Experts maintain the maxim "any society is never more than four meals away from anarchy," and America is particularly prone to civil unrest and violence.

Tucker Carlson, once again, appears to be the only person talking about the coming catastrophe:

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