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'Winter Narrative': NHS Bosses Insult Public's Intelligence with Same Shameful Propaganda

They really think we're stupid.

It's December and, regular as clockwork, NHS England bosses have released their predictable 'winter narrative' to the media who have dutifully reported it as news.

ITN were first to broadcast this years propaganda, with the headline: "NHS facing 'worst winter' on record as flu admissions rise 40% in a week. We probably need to stop right there and dissect that headline before listening to any more of the propaganda that will be heading our way in coming weeks. The NHS are, according to them, facing the 'worst winter' on record.


It appears as if the NHS have forgotten the last two years completely. Are we to believe that the NHS is going to have a worse winter than 2020? The winter we had to just not get ill because of that 'once in a hundred years event' they told us they were having. Are we really to believe that this winter is going to be worse than the one they locked us in our homes for? A worse winter than the one we destroyed the economy to save them from? A worse winter than the last 'worse' winter, which was last winter?

In 2020 at the height of Covid hysteria, some clever wag created a meme that perfectly illustrated the scam. Every winter for ten years before the scamdemic was 'the worst winter on record' according to the Guardian who happily parrot NHS propaganda as if it's fact.

2012 Hospitals 'full to bursting' as bed shortages hit danger level

2013 Hospitals scramble o prevent crisis in NHS's 'toughest ever' winter

2014 More patients, overstretched doctors - is the NHS facing a winter crisis

2015 Hospital bed occupancy rates hit record high risking care

2016 Hospitals in England told to put operations on hold to free up beds

2017 NHS Bosses sound alarm over hospitals already running at 99% capacity

2018 NHS intensive care units sending patients elsewhere due to lack of beds

2019 Hospital beds at record low in England as NHS struggles with Demand

Then of course we had 2020 when the idea that the NHS was facing their worst winter ever was want cajoled millions into lockdowns:

'stay at home to save the NHS'.

'Stay at home this is a national emergency'

“UK on ‘war footing’ as elderly face isolation" BBC, 15 March 2020”

“Coronavirus horror: London mortuaries expand to prepare for massive surge in deaths" Daily Express, 18 March 2020

“Three numbers that tell a terrifying story" BBC, 23 March 2020

“UK could be ‘worst affected’ country in Europe" BBC, 12 April 2020

"UK becomes first country in Europe to pass 30,000 deaths" BBC, 6 May 2020

“NHS has worst week ‘in living memory’ as doctor warns situation could deteriorate" The Irish News, 27 October 2020”

As we know, this was the tip of the iceberg as the Winter Narrative went on for two years solid, only coming to an end when the Ukraine 'crisis' came along.

We are now supposed to forget all that, forget they've cried wolf every year for the last decade. Forget that we had to sacrifice our freedoms, jobs, economy, and sanity because the NHS was supposedly under pressure. We are supposed to forget that we know these stories because we've heard them all before, repeatedly. The same old exaggerations, half truths, and lies.

The winter narrative boils down to money. The socialist run NHS constantly bleats that it is failing because of the lack of funding. But the truth is that no matter how much the NHS receives it's never enough. The narrative remains the same. The NHS leave patients to die at home through "lack of funds" but have enough money to spend on recruiting 1000 Diversity Managers costing £40 Million a year. They could find £22 million for gender reassignment surgery to indulge people's sexual fantasies and they found £42 million to spend on Management Consultants because they couldn't do the simplest of tasks in-house. But all of that is dwarfed by the spending of £2.8 Billion on a phantom plague so deadly most people didn't even know they had it.

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