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Will Vaccine Nazis be Quite So Enthusiastic for Mandatory Diets? - Unlikely

You only have to dip into social media to see the utter hatred of those refusing the vaccine. All whipped up by the government and media of course, the vaccine Nazis have reached fever-pitch over those that they believe are evil, selfish, conspiracy theorists for refusing to submit to the mass inoculation programme.

The Vaccine Nazis, not content with name calling, soon explore what they would do to these 'criminals' were they in charge. All of their suggestions revolve around punishment. Punishment of you 'criminals' with many loving the idea of locking you up. The media have also been whipping up the discrimination running stories like "Should anti-vaxxers be punished?" whilst CNN devoted an entire piece to what type of punishment should it be, favouring the unvaccinated being excluded from ALL of society: No job; no welfare; banned from shops, bars, public venues and even supermarkets.

The Nazis on social media go further of course; One SJW posting "they should be imprisoned for five years" got over ten thousand 'Likes' on Twitter whilst thousands more demanded that the unvaccinated are 'refused NHS treatment until they get the jab'. One London Evening Standard reader suggesting that all the unvaccinated "deserved to die" and thousands more agreed.

Without exception, none of the vaccine Nazis have a clue as to what they're talking about. They have no idea the bodies piling up as a result of Covid 'Vaccines', or the millions of adverse events that they are causing, many of which are life-changing such as blindness, miscarriage and paralysis, but even when shown the figures it fails to convince them. They're armed with two government-approved 'facts' ('Safe and Effective') both of which are wrong, but that is enough for them, the government have told them that this untested, unsafe, ineffective, potentially fatal drug is for their own good, and the good of the wider society, and anyone not taking it is not only being 'irresponsible' but directly threatening their life. And don't think if they knew the numbers of deaths and serious injuries they'd somehow reassess their opinion because they won't, they'll just point out how many vaccines have been administered, believing that if you subtract one from the other you get a 'safe' number. Don't bother pointing out that their talisman has already slaughtered 50,000 in the West in just 8 months of its existence, or that only 1% of adverse events ever get reported, you'll be wasting your time. They are adamant that this diktat, under the guise of combating Covid, is perfectly reasonable, sensible, and entirely for the benefit of their health.

Will they still be so eager on government health diktats when they are mandated to go on a diet though? Will they be quite so enthusiastic about Big Brother controlling their calorie intake, and exactly what they can and can't buy at the supermarket as they are about other people getting Covid Jabs? How exactly are they going to reconcile one authoritarian 'Health' diktat with the other?

According to the UK government the single biggest risk-factor for Covid-19 is Obesity. Whilst 71% of all adults in the UK are classed as overweight with over half being Obese or Morbidly Obese. A large proportion of those fatties will be the very same people shouting about how they'd punish others who haven't taken the vaccine. Yes, you've got to do something for the benefit of their health, but they've not done anything to help themselves. They actively increased their risk of dying from Covid tenfold but YOU'RE the criminal for not taking an untested drug. They're demanding you bear the risk, with little or no reward, but aren't prepared to put themselves out to protect their own health. They'll scream and shout at you that you've disrespected them by not having the vaccine, before going back to munching through their own body-weight in pies or quaffing gallons of cornershop piss to numb the monotony of their life oblivious that, very soon, the same 'Health'-Nazis who they've been agreeing with will be coming for them.

Ironically, it is the 'refuseniks' who are the only people standing in the way of Government coming after them. At the moment the Government are using the Vaccine issue as a testbed to see how far they can push the public. If they get away with this there will be no end of diktats, rules, regulations and controls forced upon us.

Chris Whitty has already been named as the head of a new Health Department tasked with implementing just such a health programme, called The Office for Health Promotion (OHP) it will replace PHE next year. Whitty has been busy drawing up plans for an even more authoritarian approach to health than we've seen with Covid. His plans, which have already been passed by Downing Street, will include extension of the Covid Passport App to include supermarket shopping records for those the Government deem obese. The 'patient' will be ordered to give authorities access to things such as online shopping accounts, supermarket reward cards and even IP addresses so that their 'diet' can be properly monitored.

Those who fail to comply with the Health Credit Score System will face 'punishments' that bear more than a passing resemblance to those being touted by Vaccine Nazis for 'Refuseniks'.

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