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Widower Suing AstraZeneca Had Vaccine Twice After it Killed His Wife


The Widower of BBC Radio Presenter Liz Shaw has revealed that he took the vaccine, TWICE, after watching his wife die from a it.

Gareth Eve tragically sat next to wife Lisa Shaw while she died an agonising death from a blood clot in the brain but even after witnessing what the vaccine did to mother of his son, he went on to have the same vaccine himself not once, but TWICE, after she had died.

The widower of a BBC presenter says he was jabbed two times after his wife died but says he won't get their eight-year-old son vaccinated.

Mother-of-one Lisa Shaw, 44, who worked for BBC Radio Newcastle, died from 'vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia' in May 2021, about a week after receiving her first AstraZeneca Covid jab.

Ms Shaw had worked as a Presenter for BBC Radio Newcastle, who had, even on the day she died, been broadcasting stories encouraging those in her age-group to take the experimental gene therapy drug. On the day Ms Shaw received the first dose there had already been over 600 deaths from the Vaccine in just 6 months of its use and yet the BBC claim that these incidents are "extremely rare". Over 100 People dying a month is not 'extremely rare'. Covid vaccines have a death rate thirty times higher than any other vaccine currently in use, and many experts have suggested that it has a death-rate higher than every other vaccine combined.

Now Her husband, Gareth Eve, 43, has launched legal action against pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca together with 75 people whose 'relatives died or suffered injuries related to the jab'. Mr Eve continues to be uninformed about vaccines and doesn't appear to know that AstraZeneca has total indemnity against any claims relating to their Covid-19 jab: That was why they rolled out the product even though it was known to be useless as a prophylactic and dangerous in trials.

Reuters announced in July 2020 that AstraZeneca had been granted protection from future product liability claims related to its COVID-19 vaccine hopeful by most of the countries with which it has struck supply agreements.

"Some are just beyond help" said freedom campaigner Craig Dunstone, "Gareth Eve is a good example of how the public were indoctrinated by the government during Covid, even after it [vaccine] killed his wife he went back for more, he can't claim he didn't know, all the evidence was out there, he just didn't bother to look."

A Department for Health and Social Care spokesperson earlier told MailOnline: 'More than 144 million Covid vaccines have been given in England, which has helped the country to live with Covid and saved thousands of lives.

'All vaccines being used in the UK have undergone robust clinical trials and have met the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency's (MHRA) strict standards of safety, effectiveness and quality.

'The Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme (VDPS) provides financial support to help ease the burden on individuals who have, in extremely rare circumstances, been severely disabled or died due to receiving a government-recommended vaccine.'


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So after watching his wife die he then goes and doubles the chances of leaving their son an orphan. What an irresponsible cunt!

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