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Why do the NHS Need ACTORS?

Proof you're being lied to.

The NHS has advertised for Actors on yet another talent agency website, the advert saying that they will pay £120 for the day (less 15% agency fee) for actors between 16-75 years old.

This comes after a series of fake interviews created by the NHS and BBC to push 'Anti-Vaxxer' Propaganda. The mainstream media, along with 'fact checkers', have all rushed to 'debunk' the previous reports, claiming that all of the people featured were genuinely sick patients who coincidentally just happened to also be actors. The previous four anti-vaxxers interviewed by the BBC in hospital all just coincidentally signed to the same talent agency.

But, even if we are to believe in these unlikely coincidences, that still does not explain why the NHS needs actors.

Link to advert:

Crisis actors are not unique to Britain either. Australian authorities have also been using them to fake Covid Propaganda, with Hawkeyed viewers exposing the lies.

Watch the video

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