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WHO Reveal 98% of MonkeyPox Cases are in Gay Men who REFUSE Curbing Lifestyle to Stop Spread

LGBTQ community 'demands' more action to stop a virus they are actively spreading.

The World Health Organisation has revealed that 98% of all Monkeypox cases were in homosexual men, dispelling the myth that it is spread through the general population.

In June, a total of 96% of cases were reported in gay men with that figure going up to 98% for July. The remaining 2% are likely to have come into close contact with a homosexual man or are homosexual but refusing to admit it to medical professionals who have to rely on a patient's honesty for the data.

It should be made clear that there is no risk to the general public at all. Whilst the gay community are quick to deny they are responsible for its spread the evidence proves overwhelmingly that it is. Anyone who suggests that Monkeypox is in the general population is spreading medical misinformation, but not a single post has been fact-checked on any social media platform.

Even more damning for the LGBTQ community is that data spikes in reported cases after every pride event. Public Health England previously issued a statement to LGBTQ groups suggesting that curbing their sexual activity or practicing safe sex would reduce the risk but was met with anger and outrage at the medical advice. Several homosexual men took to social media to announce they would not change their behaviours and that the medical advice was from 'bigots'.

Without any self awareness the LGBTQ community then demanded 'more action' on MonkeyPox, seemingly the medical advice about how not to catch it wasn't enough, nor was the change of name, or the repeated lie by the medical profession that everyone was at risk. No, this was not enough, Gay men wanted to continue having anonymous anal sex with a series of partners in public toilets and nobody was going to stop them. The 'action' would have to be of a different kind. The BBC who have been actively promoting lies about MonkeyPox being in the general population reported it like this:

Sexual health charities and LGBT groups are calling for the government to step up efforts to control the monkeypox outbreak in the UK. In an open letter to Health Secretary Steven Barclay, they say that without a quicker and wider vaccine rollout, the virus could become "endemic".

There have been more than 2,600 cases of monkeypox in the UK so far, mostly among men who have sex with men. The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) says it is working "rapidly" to vaccinate those at risk. With two of the UK's most popular Pride events, in Brighton this weekend, and Manchester later in August, many people are trying to get vaccinated in order to feel safer.

However, it CANNOT become an Epidemic because that by definition would require a sizeable percentage of the straight community to also contract it, and that is a statistically miniscule possibility. You only have to look to the AIDS epidemic to see this lie being used before. Anthony Fauci, made his name from AIDS who repeatedly fabricated data that suggested the HIV virus was in the general population, so he could get funding for research, a lie that still perpetuates to this day.


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Mark Sorenson
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