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Whilst You Were Distracted: Taiwan Trialled a CBDC Declaring it a 'Total Success'

Deputy governor emphasizes the potential of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to establish a solid "foundation of trust" within the future monetary system.

While global attention was diverted towards political unrest and conflicts, a groundbreaking event unfolded in Taiwan as the world witnessed the initiation of the first live CBDC trial. Taiwan's Central Bank, under the umbrella of China's financial authority, successfully concluded a comprehensive feasibility study on its wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency (wCBDC).

At the close of 2023, Taiwan's central bank concluded a meticulous technical evaluation of the wCBDC, a momentous occasion that went largely unnoticed by the mainstream media. The choice of Taiwan as the trial ground was justified by the populace's openness to novel concepts and technological advancements. However, critics raised concerns regarding the trial's execution by the Chinese Government, potentially sidelining the Taiwanese citizens' input.

The innovative 'wholesale' designation (wCBDC) marked a transformative shift, replacing conventional paper currency, online transactions, and card payments with an integrated system. The all-encompassing nature of the system left no aspect of financial transactions untouched.

As anticipated, the system imposed restrictions on users, dictating specific types of transactions. The currency's geolocation feature constrained spending within a predetermined radius from one's residence. Furthermore, some transactions were time-sensitive, compelling users to utilize the funds before they expired.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of China (Taiwan) highlighted the necessity of a 'unified ledger' within the system, essentially a centralized government ledger recording all transactions, primarily benefiting governmental entities. However, this particular aspect was conspicuously absent from the official communication.

With over half of the world's nations expressing their intent to transition to CBDCs, the UK emerges as a frontrunner in this financial 'revolution.' Despite this momentum, a critical question looms unanswered: the rationale behind the necessity of CBDCs remains elusive. While governments perceive CBDCs as a potent tool for population management, the general public struggles to identify tangible benefits.

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