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WEF Partners with UK Government on Artificial Intelligence and 'Deep Fake' Regulations

World Economic Forum behind deployment of tech to monitor UK citizens.

The World Economic Forum have already 'partnered with the UK Government' on the purchase and use of artificial intelligence it has emerged. On their Twitter account the WEF state: “In partnership with the UK government, the Forum created a set of procurement recommendations designed to unlock public-sector adoption of responsible AI,”

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is reportedly concerned about the harm that Artificial Intelligence and deep fakes could cause (in the wrong hands) and, therefore wants to take control of the tech to prevent it. According to the WEF, cyber-criminals are using deep fakes so much these days that the problem has become “worrying” – and when it comes to the 'news industry, it has become “a growing global concern.”

It states that AI is a major threat and, therefore, must be developed in an “ethical” way and that means development of AI is “inclusive, transparent, and used safely and responsibly”

Now it has emerged that the World Economic Forum is behind the tech's deployment, instructing the UK government on how best to use it to monitor its own people.

The real threat from AI is when it gets into the hands of governments. It has already been purchased to monitor the 15 Minute neighbourhoods in Oxford and other cities. Tech that is so sophisticated that it can identify you even by the way you walk, and tracks your movements across zone boundaries. AI is also being deployed by Thames Valley Police who use facial recognition and body language analysis to detect crimes before they happen.

The WEF state on their website that they want to be at the centre of how companies and the healthcare sector handle AI use and development, but critics point to this being a giant 'land grab' and that they simply want to take control of the tech and turn the dystopia tech to control the people.

So far, more than 100 companies, governments, civil society and academic organizations have joined WEF’s Global AI Action Alliance with the WEF promising to “accelerate the adoption of responsible AI in the global public interest.”

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