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We've Solved 'Body-in-the-Bag' Spy Mystery Say Scotland Yard

A spy who was found dead, inside a padlocked holdall, 'likely he did it to himself' say Scotland Yard.

According to experts at Scotland Yard the MI6 agent who was found in the holdall (inset) with zips padlocked together and in his bathtub 'was likely alone when he died.' so it's 'case closed'.

Gareth Williams (left) was 31 when he was found dead. His rotting corpse was found in his flat in Pimlico, central London in 2010, eight days after he had last seen alive. At the time the disturbing death could not be explained with authorities attempting to play down the bizarre event by suggesting that it was most likely suicide. However, soon after the death became public it emerged that Williams had been working for MI6 on secondment from GCHQ on what was referred to as 'sensitive . The fact he was a spy changed the entire perspective of his death in the eyes of the public... but not the Police who appear to have stuck to the suicide story, for 14 years now.

A forensic review published last week by Scotland Yard, which ordered new lab tests to be carried out on certain items from his flat said that 'no new DNA' was found, therefore it was more likely that Williams was alone when he died.

The latest investigation managed to use more modern techniques to test the items and although new DNA was found on a green towel in a kitchen cupboard, it had  belonged to Williams not a third party.  Other items that were tested included the holdall, its zip toggle and the padlock and key, but no new discoveries were made. 

Detective Chief Inspector Neil John of the Metropolitan Police specialist crime command said: "In February 2021 a forensic assessment was undertaken which was also peer-reviewed by a forensic manager in respect of all exhibits seized during this investigation."  "This resulted in a resubmission of exhibits to the forensic laboratory and additional examinations being sought."

"At the time there were no fingerprints found on the bag, padlock or bath and the key to the padlock was found inside the bag, underneath Williams body." 

Impossible to do

Peter Faulding, a rescue expert, tried more than 300 times to lock himself himself inside a holdall in the way Williams would have to have done – and failed on every occasion. ‘Not even Houdini would have been able to pull it off,’ he wrote.

The police however appear to be deliberately ignoring the most obvious conclusion about the padlock; they come with TWO KEYS, meaning that the one under the body found inside the bag was irrelevant.

Police discovered Williams' body inside the padlocked red North Face sports bag in the bathtub, his duvet was pushed onto the floor, while £20,000 worth of women's clothes were in the spare bedroom.

A lady's orange wig was draped over the chair in the living room. Some commentators at the time suggested that this appeared like the crime-scene had been 'dressed' to cause confusion, with retired Met Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell maintaining that he believes Mr Williams was involved in 'sexual activity' before his death.

A semen stain on the bathroom floor suggested that Williams had been engaged in sexual activity shortly before his death - which casts further doubt on claims that Williams was the target of a state assassination.  Speaking about the semen stain, the former Met detective said: 'I felt like it was improbable his body fluid could be present in a violent, non-consenting scenario.

"Considering Gareth's tidiness and cleanliness, we surmised the semen was from the day of his entry into the bag. This would have been consensual activity. But was he alone or not? It would be difficult to imagine him having intimacy with a Russian hitman or a female spy."

Instead, Campbell maintains the answer probably lays in his private life, citing evidence of Williams' visits to bondage and fetish websites, as well as images of drag queens, heard at the inquest.

He also revealed that he found no signs of struggle and no bruises or marks on Williams' body - just tiny scratches inside the bag near his head, which believes were made by the keys inside the bag.

"It wouldn't be the first time in homicide and sex games that the death has caused a panic. Then there's a cover-up to avoid responsibility or to avoid shame or embarrassment."

However, Vision News has learned that Military Intelligence Officers are heavily vetted for anything such sexual impropriety before being recruited, this is to avoid staff being blackmailed by other intelligence agencies casting doubt over this explanation.

Williams worked at GCHQ headquarters in Gloucestershire, before his secondment to MI6 in London to work on what was described as a 'highly sensitive operation'.  This, many maintain, is the motive for his death with rumours that circulated at the time claiming that he was killed by MI6 or American agents after stumbling on sensitive data, or because he threatened to make secret intelligence public.

He was last seen alive on Sunday 15 August buying cakes in Harrods and peppered grilled steaks in Waitrose. The next day he had been expected to chair a MI6 meeting. 

Mr Williams's family have long suggested foul play, with two police sources claiming some of Williams' work was focused on Russia - and one confirming reports he had helped the US's National Security Agency trace international money-laundering routes used by organised crime groups including Moscow-based mafia cells.

That same evening he had planned to meet a colleague and was due to attend another meeting on Friday 20 August - but failed to appear. Despite this, MI6 is said to have only investigated his absence a week later, on August 23, and then allegedly only after a call from a concerned relative.

In 2013, Scotland Yard said he 'probably died by accident' after getting into the bag on his own. 

However, in 2012 the Westminster Coroner's concluded the death was 'criminally mediated' and said Williams was killed unlawfully by someone unknown. 

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