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WE DO NOT CONSENT and WE NEVER WILL - We'll Fight on the Streets if we Have to

Psychopathic technocrats; celebrity prostitutes; bribed politicians; controlled media whores; public sector parasites; we don't want your poisonous injection under any circumstances, and you will have to hold us down and physically stab us with the needle to get that toxin in our bodies.

Get it?

We're not consenting to any of it, anymore. We don't want your segregational Vaccine Passports or your fucking Stepford Wives social credit scores either. We're not interested in joining a cult, we aren't germaphobes, we know when we're being lied to, we know how to think for ourselves, and we know Narcissistic Abuse when we see it. We don't want your Marxist dystopia, and we will not let you impose it here. Not any more.

The propaganda and the trance-like hypnosis that you've pumped out incessantly for 18 months didn't work on us. Your fake crises, media spin, peer pressure, cajoling, threatening, and gaslighting has not worked on us and more and more people are seeing you for what you really are with this crap. We know your end game. And we recognise the sell-outs and useful idiots who parrot your lies.

You mistakenly think that you've got us beat. You couldn't be more wrong. We're not beaten, we're just getting started. We were born free and we will die free, we won't be dying on our knees and we won't be dying from your murderous vaccines either.

We didn't start this, it was you. All you. You chose to oppress us, take away our freedoms, our liberty, our very birthright, did you think that we would just stand by and do nothing whilst you imposed your sick ideology on us? Because if you did, you got it wrong, very wrong.

If you push us we will take the fight to the streets, and right to your doorstep. Freedom is more important than anything, and you will not take from us our birthright.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Oct 22, 2021

KILL a great many if the need arises. Heads on spikes..................

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