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Rishi Sunak is a real threat to the lives of every single man woman and child in Britain.

We have just witnessed a silent coup. Rishi Sunak has been installed in No 10 by an elite with a global agenda. Sunak wasn't elected by the public, wasn't even elected by his own party, he was installed, but he has taken the top job nevertheless. Rishi Sunak is the Manchurian Candidate of the World Economic Forum.


Despite his revisionist history, Sunak was part of the Cabinet throughout the Scamdemic. Though he claims he was against lockdowns he voted for every single one, made sure there was no cost/benefit analysis done and supposedly devised the Marxist inspired Furlough scheme, that would knowingly wreck the economy and make millions relient on the state. All applauded by the World Economic Forum and China's Communist Party who endorsed his candidacy.

Member of the World Economic Forum

Sunak is an active member of the World Economic Forum and one of Klaus Schwab's "young global leaders". Schwab openly boasts of having his people planted in governments around the world, with the likes of Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern spouting WEF propaganda word-for-word as the world looks on thinking it could 'never happen here'.

WEF Credit Score System

Rishi Sunak's family owns a tech-company (INFOSYS) which is listed as a partner of the World Economic Forum and the very company developing its Carbon Credit Score system. The system, a sort of 'digital communism', will record your carbon footprint by tracking everything you do; buy, eat, travel, and even your online habits. And, of course, you will not be allowed to exceed the designated total which will be the same for everyone. Sunak can't lose, his family are set to make millions out of the system whilst never having to worry about it being applied to his own life.

Programmable Money

Sunak has also announced his plan for a Digital Currency that, unlike BitCoin, would be controlled by Government.

Sunak announced the plan for 'programmable money' back in April, during the G7 Summit, with some insiders suggesting that this is the real reason for Johnson's departure.

Called Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC the crypto currency is described by Sunak as

"a digital version of money, a bit like a digital bank note, that could be used alongside physical notes and coins" adding "but unlike most of the digital money used today it would be issued by a central bank, like the Bank of England in the UK"

Sunak goes on to say "and Governments across the world are working together looking into what having a digital currency might mean in practice.. [it] would offer consumers new ways to pay in the future."

In reality this means the government will have total control over your money. Without a digital currency the Carbon Credit Score will not work. With it the Carbon Credit Score becomes compulsory, if you've reached your meat allowance, for instance, your money will be 'switched off' from buying any more.

We have already seen how Governments will misuse this power. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of his critics with some saying this was a trial run for future control of dissenters and opponents. Being able to starve your opponents at the flick of a switch is the type of power no government should have, especially not this one.

Endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party

Sunak himself has a history of being soft on China, telling theTelegraph that he wanted a “complete sea change” in relations with the Chinese Communist Party in favour of increased trade ties and economic collaboration. China, in turn, endorsed Sunak’s candidacy.

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