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Video: "Really Dramatic Abrupt Change Is Coming" Warns Tucker Carlson

Biden administration are lying to you.

In a speech at The Daily Caller News Foundation Gala this week, Tucker Carlson warned that “abrupt change” is coming for Americans, and many can feel it, giving them pause to consider “the end times”.

“If something really dramatic in your country happens — like young people can’t, I don’t know, get married, you know, or buy houses or have any hope for a future that approaches, you know, the middle class upbringing they had — then you’ve got a huge problem and someone should be responding to that,” Carlson urged.

He added, “And if your economy is like on the brink of collapse, you know, if your country is literally bankrupt, I hope someone would say that.”

“When every person, 350 million Americans, everyone regardless of political affiliation can feel that something bad’s coming. Everybody knows that,” Carlson continued.

He added “I mean, if you’ve been to church once in the last year, have you thought about the end times recently? Yes, you have … because you can feel that abrupt change is coming and that’s very disconcerting.”

Carlson also noted that it’s never been more obvious to Americans that their government doesn’t care about them. “Let’s start with pretending you care. But you know what doesn’t work? Saying we’re going to spend $100 billion in other countries,” he declared.

Carlson further urged, “I don’t care how virtuous the case those countries make is, and I don’t care how much I personally may agree or disagree with what those countries are doing — that is immaterial. The job, the moral duty of the people running a country is to look out for the people in that country, period.”

“At the very same moment that American society is more fractured — our social fabric is in tatters and we’ve let in millions upon millions of people who have no affinity for the United States, who are merely here for the economic benefits,” Carlson continued.

“Which by the way is not all bad — and I think a lot of them are good people, I’m not attacking them. I’m merely saying their addition does not make us a more cohesive country, it makes it a far less cohesive country,” Carlson added.


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