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Vaccine Passport Planned Since 2018

If the Vaccine Passport was planned all along, what else was?

You will need a Vaccine Passport to travel anywhere in Europe from 2022.

A vaccine passport has been one of the European Union's objectives since 2018 it has been revealed. A document published by the EU five years ago shows that the end game for a project entitled Horizon is mandatory vaccination passports by 2022.

Authorities and the media have repeatedly told us that no such plan exists, and anyone suggesting otherwise is a conspiracy theorist. Even when the travel industry began demanding that passengers showed proof that they had undergone medical procedures before being allowed to fly, it was still denied that Vaccine Passports were coming.

But make no mistake, they are:

An EU Document titled: Roadmap on Vaccination, shows exactly how the EU has been planning for a Vaccination Passport all along. The Commission state their intention is for a "common vaccination card/ passport for EU citizens by 2022." Along this roadmap there is a section entitled 'State of Vaccine Confidence in the EU 2020 milestone' and a 'Special Eurobarometer - Europeans’ attitudes towards vaccination (special instruments)'.

The document also contains sections entitled 'Guidance on overcoming legal barriers'; 'Countering online vaccine misinformation - (through social media, search engine optimisation, specialised media in particular towards the sectors of health care, education, social services, media); and 'address hesitant populations and promote behavioural change'. The vaccine passport is part of the EU's Project Horizon2020 which also plans for a Green New Deal, and a workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The UK, having left the EU during this plan's execution, are implementing their own Covid Passport, but crucially, a set of common protocols will be needed for the two systems to work together.

The British government have repeatedly stated they have no plans for a vaccination passport, however, the Government's procurement website has this advert, clearly showing that it IS intent on issuing Vaccination Passports.

Predictably, the fact-checkers have rushed to disprove this, one of which claimed it was false whilst holding the actual link to the page above. Unbelievably the Fact Checker claimed this:


False. The contract is not to develop a vaccine passport, but for a certificate system for people who have tested negative for COVID-19:

Fact checking the fact Checkers: This is semantics; when the bloody words on the actual Government website say COVID-19 PASSPORT it's not to prove you HAVE the bloody virus is it?

As always with Vision News we provide the actual evidence, NOT opinion.

Link below.

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