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US School Children Just Seen as 'Bio Hazards', Forced to Learn Inside 'Human Tents'

UK authorities 'watching with interest'.

An image shows students at a school in Wenatchee, Washington State inside what look like human tents as they practice music.

The picture appears to show two girls playing saxophones while trapped inside the awning-like structures, while others in the background play flute. According to the article, “You can’t see them smiling beneath the masks,” but the kids are happy to be back at school.

The article quotes Wenatchee Principal Eric Anderson, who celebrates the fact that the school environment has been carefully tailored to ensure that students never remove their face coverings. “We really have an environment in this building where there is never a reason where a kid has to take their mask off,” he said.

He probably needs sacking.

These images are not the first bizarre ways authorities have devised for your children to reduce a 'risk' that doesn't exist. Other US states have created perspex 'pens' that will contain the child and allow more children back in to the class together. Think battery hens.

Children have been reduced to being seen as just a 'bio hazards' with no thought given to the child's wellbeing, mental state or development. UK authorities are 'reviewing measures' and could well implement similar 'solutions'.

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