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Ukrainian Transgender Woman Told "You're a MAN, Now Go Back and FIGHT!"

Transgender women attempting to flee Ukraine are being turned back at the border and told to return home to fight.

The reason, according to Ukrainian border guards? They’re men!

Under the state of Martial Law declared by President Zelensky ALL biological males between the ages of 18 and 60 are mandated to stay in the country and fight. The law makes no exception for trans women. Reports have claimed that nearly all trans women attempting to escape by identifying as women have been apprehended and sent back to the front line. unlucky.

Border guards were quoted as saying "they are men, they must go back and fight". Two trans women who were a couple, had their adam's apple checked by Ukrainian officers - and then ordered to go back home and pick up arms. Another Trans woman claimed that the treatment they'd received was 'degrading and humiliating'.

In a further twist, a trans Man who was born a biological woman was still trying to escape even though she was now wanting the world to treat her as a male. You can't have it both ways but her original wish was granted. Border guards told her she was a man as far as they were concerned and she was also ordered to 'get back to the war.'

Incredibly, it is almost entirely left wing people supporting Ukraine in the conflict. Thousands of Facebook profiles changing from rainbow flags to the yellow and blue of Ukraine, a country that doesn't recognise transgender rights and thinks that homosexuality is a sin. Someone should tell them.

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