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'Think Twice' Before Going Out to Buy FOOD: UK 'South African Variant' Residents Told

It is unknown if anyone has told PHE to 'Fuck off' yet

In a move that foreshadows what will be imposed on the entire country in the coming weeks, SAGE have issued a directive to those residents living in the postcodes they say the South African strain is present to 'think twice before going out to buy food'

Yes, really.

Continuing the narrative that the mutant variant may be able to 'evade' vaccines SAGE are continuing to use residents in those postcodes as test subjects for future lockdowns. Revelling in their resurgent powers SAGE have reminded residents, (who they have started calling citizens) that if they are told they have the virus that they must self-isolate immediately.

Out of hundreds of thousands of residents in those areas Public Health England (who appear to have forgotten that they were abolished last year) have identified all of 11 individuals who have the new variant that is no deadlier than the original version according to their own analysis. Ironically, South African health authorities are currently looking for the 'Kent' strain in parts of their country, claiming that it, and not the South African strain, is the deadly version.

Matt Hancock said yesterday: "'We' need to come down on it hard and we will,'" which translates into even tighter lockdowns, and has called for residents in the eight 'affected areas' in England to stay home and take 'extra special precautions'. adding: "It's a big effort getting this new variant… essentially finding every single case of it, that is the goal."

SAGE member Professor Andrew Hayward, another lockdown zealot, told Sky News "We sequence between five and 10 percent of cases so you can immediately tell from that that we have a big under-estimation of the number of cases." but failed to explain, if the variant is no more deadly than normal, why they're focusing on it at all.

Sharp-eyed observers have noticed that, whilst the public cry out for a plan to get us out of lockdowns and social manipulation measures, SAGE are doubling down efforts to to take us into even more. Some have noticed that variants (12,000 identified since March 2020) were never an issue until a potential vaccine appeared, then they became the focus of a new narrative.

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