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UK Government Tried to Bribe Podcaster to Push COVID Lies

A podcaster says he was offered a “significant” amount of money by the UK government to push COVID information but refused, instead asserting that people should “speak to your Doctor.”

Tim Cocker is a television and radio personality who primarily fronts sports content, but he was apparently contacted by the state and offered cash to use his platform to amplify what authorities want people to think about the coronavirus and vaccines.

Cocker tweeted: “Been offered (and declined) significant amount of cash to “give Covid Information” to my podcast listeners,”

The Tweet, that has since been deleted said:

Been offered (and declined) significant amount of cash to "give Covid Information" to my podcast listeners.

1. If you want Covid information, speak to your Doctor

2. How many podcasts got the same offer? How much of (our) money is Gov’t spending on this?

3. Read point #1 again

Numerous respondents asked precisely what government department had contacted Cocker.

“Thank you for having the integrity to refuse and the courage to speak about it publicly,” commented another.

We long suspected that media personalities have been 'bought and paid for' to push the vaccine, but this looks like the first who turned down the bribe. How many more celebs and influencers have the government paid to push the scamdemic?

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