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UK Government Considers 'Vaccine Exemptions' For Ethnic Minorities

Mandating vaccine passports could be seen as 'racist'.

The UK government are considering granting 'vaccine exemptions' to people of colour whilst simultaneously mandating vaccine passports for everyone else, in order to avoid accusations of racism, according to a report in Spectator Magazine.

Despite repeatedly promising that ‘vaccine passports’ would not be required, the government has been actively planning for their introduction as we have been reporting since summer last year. Do you remember when vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi stood up in parliament and stated: “We have absolutely no plans for vaccine passports.”? Well, he appears to have forgotten this, together with the entire UK media.

As the Spectator reports today, “Responsibilities have already been divided up between government departments to look at the idea. If approved, the Department for Transport will be told to draw up plans for a certificate infrastructure. And the NHS will be told to prepare to let people access their vaccine status when preparing for international travel.” Sky News reports that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has already signed off on the proposal but that there’s a “nervousness” within government about when it will be announced publicly.

Part of this “nervousness” is based around the perception that mandating vaccines for travel could be seen as 'racist' because suspicion of vaccines and poorer inoculation rates are commonplace within BAME communities.

However, the Spectator’s Lara Prendergast suggests that the government could get around this by granting exemptions to people from ethnic minority backgrounds, “Polls say that about 85% of British adults are “likely” to take up the offer of a jab, but 15% have concerns,” writes Prendergast. “People who can’t have a vaccine for medical reasons might be granted an exemption. But will the wishes of others be taken into consideration, their rights protected, their religious views respected, if vaccine documentation is brought in? Inevitably it will be those already on the edges of society – people who often avoid contact with the authorities – who are pushed out further by the need to prove their immunological status. Vaccine refuseniks, according to Zahawi, “skew heavily towards BAME communities” which raises the prospect of vaccine passports deepening racial divisions – particularly if the Government decides to grant certain exemptions.”

It has been forgotten that the BAME community, together with the BBC, repeatedly claimed that Covid itself was racist, (or rather the response to it) now that there is a supposed 'cure' for the virus that too is somehow racist.

Some are suggesting, if you don't want the jab but want to fly, that you identify as a black person now due to being 'transracial'.

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