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UK Coronavirus Death Figures: Are The Lies About To Be Revealed?

The UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, is ordering an “urgent review” of the daily Covid-19 death statistics produced by Public Health England, after it emerged that they include recovered former sufferers who could have died of other causes.

The truth was revealed in a paper by Yoon K Loke and Carl Heneghan of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, titled “Why no one can ever recover from Covid-19 in England – a statistical anomaly”. Previously, any suggestion that the death figures where vastly inflated and grossly inaccurate had been dismissed as being a conspiracy theory. Now, parts of the establishment have broken-ranks and published their analysis of what has been done by Public Health England and others. Their analysis suggests that Public Health England cross-checks the latest notifications of deaths against a database of positive test results – so that anyone who has ever tested positive is recorded in the Covid-19 death statistics. This statistical slight-of-hand means that the death figures, used to scare us into compliance, have been vastly exaggerated.

“It seems that PHE regularly looks for people on the NHS database who have ever tested positive, and simply checks to see if they are still alive or not. PHE does not appear to consider how long ago the Covid test result was, nor whether the person has been successfully treated in hospital and discharged to the community,” the authors said. They went on to say this was the reason why PHE figures “vary substantially from day to day”. They also said about 80,000 recovered patients in the community were continuing to be monitored by PHE for the daily death statistics, even though many are elderly and may die of something else.

A Department of Health and Social Care source said: “You could have been tested positive in February, have no symptoms, then be hit by a bus in July and you’d be recorded as a Covid death.”

Dr Susan Hopkins, Public Health England’s incident director, tried to play down this revelation saying: “Although it may seem straightforward, there is no WHO agreed method of counting deaths from Covid-19. In England, we count all those that have died who had a positive Covid-19 test at any point, to ensure our data is as complete as possible.” Dr Hopkins clearly has her priorities right, as, whilst this was announced Hopkins was busy Tweeting about how PHE don't receive as much funding as she believes it should have:

Yes, really.

Critics, such as Peter Hitchens and Dr Vernon Coleman and many others, who had all suggested these figures were a gross exaggeration if not a constructed hoax, have now been joined by those in the establishment, including Matt Hancock, in calling for Public Health England to be investigated. Vision News has previously reported on the toxic and incompetent culture at the heart of Public Health England. Not only is this organisation not fit for purpose, their intentional ‘gaming’ of the Covid-19 figures points to fraud, and those perpetrating these crimes should be prosecuted.

Questions remain as to why Public Health England artificially inflated these figures, with some commentators believing that it was pure incompetence from an organisation who are not fit for purpose, whilst others believe this was a political decision designed to embarrass the government. However, there are a third group who believe that the effects of Covid-19 have been so vastly exaggerated as to constitute a hoax, and the study from The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine surely points to the latter?

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