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Turds in the Thames

The South East is overcrowded, with London now so over populated that the sewage system (designed for 2 million people, now dealing with 8) can't cope and regularly has to pump thousands of gallons of raw sewage straight into the Thames. Over a million gallons in the last two years.

The system was a feat of Victorian engineering and was the main reason that deaths from Cholera, which had been rife in London as with most major cities of the time, was virtually eradicated. But it was never designed for the volumes it now has to cope with. Now, every time it rains heavily the system is overwhelmed and millions of turds are washed straight into the river Thames. Millions of gallons of human excrement flowing straight passed the houses of Parliament.

One could argue that it is the fault of Thames water who have failed to plan, and failed to invest and there is some evidence of that. But to create a new sewage system that would be fit for purpose for the next 150 years would cost billions, and would disrupt London to such an extent that it would effectively grind to a halt.

There is a finite amount of space and resources and going beyond them will always have detrimental consequences that have a distinct and serious impact on the health and wellbeing of people living there.

Air pollution is killing thousands a year. The road system is often in gridlock costing commerce millions. House prices are of astronomical levels, with the average London residence costing 30 times the average annual salary. And the sewage system is broken with millions of gallons of raw sewage dumped into the rivers every year.

When are we going to apply the brakes?

When are we going to face up to the reality that there are too many people coming to the South East and that we need to take some drastic measures to not just stop the madness but to actually reverse the flow?

Vision News Online

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