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Treasury's Green Recovery 'Not Enough', Say Eco-Activists

Ecomentalists have reacted with anger to details of the government’s Covid-19 economic rescue package, released by the Treasury. They had been hoping the Pandemic could be used to 'reset the economy' which is the latest positive slogan that hides a Marxist state at its core.

On Monday night the government announced a summary of the plan, to be announced in detail on Wednesday, including a £1bn energy efficiency upgrade for public buildings and insulation for some social tenants, who could save up to £200 a year on their energy bills as a result. However, these proposals are small-beer (even if ethically sauced, vegan peace small-beer) and frankly environmentalists couldn't give a tiny rats a*se about any of them. They had wanted to use the Pandemic as an excuse to usher in a Marxist-style dictatorship, pointing at how the Ozone layer has recovered (it hasn't) since we were all under house arrest, and to the furlough scheme as 'proof' that socialism works (it doesn't) The chancellor spending some money on town halls being a bit less draughty is not going to plicate Green Peace, Extinction Rebellion or second-coming Greta Thunberg.

In a sarcastic manner, head of green recovery at Greenpeace UK Rosie Rogers 'asked' “Surely this is just a downpayment?” Before pointing to an entirely different bill, in another country, "The German government’s is spending £36bn investing in measures to boost the economy while cutting emissions". whilst Ed Matthew, associate director of the E3G environmental thinktank, ran with the sarcastic theme, with basically the same gag, saying “The funding announced today is a decent start only if it is a downpayment on a much larger, more ambitious investment programme"

In reality even £36bn spent on green projects in the UK would not appease the modern environmental movement unless it brought with it the implementation of Marxist ideologies and that just isn't going to happen.

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