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Trans Revenge: Labour to Make 'Transphobia' a Criminal Offence in Planned 'Modernisation' of Gender Laws

Labour are set to change the law on Gender identification giving trans-men more rights than biological women.

The Labour Party has pledged to ‘modernise’ gender laws in the UK claiming that they will remove ‘indignities for trans people who deserve recognition and acceptance’.

The party has said that it will remove what it termed 'outdated elements' of the process, such as requiring consent from a spouse for their husband to declare himself a woman.

The requirement to present evidence showing a man has lived as a woman for two years will be scrapped, replaced with a non-evidenced based policy called a "reflection period" lasting the same amount of time where a man only has to claim that he has wanted to be a woman for the government to agree.

Women's only spaces at risk.

The plan will also allow men to self-identify as a woman to enter women's only spaces with it likely becoming an offence to challenge them.

J K Rowling faces prison for her views under new law.

Labour is also reportedly going to make it illegal to misgender someone on social media, in an extension of the Hate-crime laws. The party are said to be even considering Stonewall's suggestion of applying the law retrospectively meaning the likes of J K Rowling could face prison for comments she made online years ago.

The 'national policy forum' a Labour group which has Stonewall as advisors, has devised the changes, which including scrapping the current system of doctors and lawyers giving approval for a gender recognition certificate (GRC) in favour of a self-penned declaration.

The raft of changes will mean that Trans Women have rights over biological women, but even pointing that out may mean you falling foul of the law very soon. The Labour government will effectively force you to accept, without question, all of the Trans ideology.

Publishing these photos of johnathan Willoughby on Social Media could cause 'unnecessary anxiety' for them with those posting it facing up to 2 years in Prison and a fine of £10,000.

India Willoughby and Johnathan Willoughby.

Calling it a 'sick ideology' no longer allowed.

Critics are warning that the new laws will see a whole raft of law suits brought by Trans activists against anyone who has misgendered them at work, in person or on Social Media. Many Trans activists will seek revenge on those that refused to call them a woman. English courts may face a series of vexatious claims as was seen in Scotland, when laws are implemented.

Willoughby previously called for J K Rowling to be arrested when Scotland introduced a similar law, and is expected to go after the Author as soon as Labour introduce the new law.

Stonewall have reportedly accrued a war-chest of several million pounds to spend on lawsuits for when Labour take power. Among those to be targeted are author J K Rowling, Former olympic swimmer Sharron Davies MBE, and Women's rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull.

J K Rowling believed that she had, rightly, won against the extreme ideology but Labour about to change all that, and we should all be worried about what comes next.

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