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Tony Blair Installed Patrick Vallance in Starmer's Government to Implement The Great Reset

Patrick Vallance to deliver globalist agenda.

Many believe Patrick Vallance's appointment was to implement 'Covid 2.0', linking it to the recent reports about the alleged spread of Bird Flu. However, Vision News has learned that this is not the primary reason Vallance has been installed in the Labour government and that the real reason is far worse.

Vision News has learned that the real reason is to implement Klaus Schwab's: Great Reset on an unsuspecting public: specifically the part that includes: Digital IDs, mass surveillance by AI, and a Communist China style Social Credit System.

'Penetrating the government'

Patrick Vallance; whose lies, fake data, and links to big Pharma helped perpetrate the Covid Scamdemic, was given the top job of Science Minister despite never having stood for election. Kier Starmer was reportedly told by Tony Blair that Vallance would be in his government, with a Whitehall official claiming that Patrick Vallance has been working with them 'for months'.

Tony Blair is behind the appointment.

Vallance, comes directly from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, where he had reportedly been planning with Blair to implement not only a Digital ID, but an entire restructuring of society based on Artificial Intelligence, mass surveillance and a social credit system based on the Chinese model. Vallance has reportedly been coached by Blair since February of 2023 for the role.

This has been years in the planning.

In September 2020, at the height of a supposed killer plague, Patrick Vallance published a white paper for Britain's own Social Credit System.   Called 'The Future of Citizen Data Systems' the document can still be read online.

Praising the Chinese Communist Party.

In the plan Vallance heaped praise on the Communist party of China and how they controlled their population by using mass surveillance, totalitarian laws and brutal lockdowns, and describes in detail how he will implement a similar plan here.

China's Social Credit System 'encourages certain behaviours'.

Vallance describes the totalitarian system of oppression as "China has prioritised national economic and social security, with strong government coordination and control of citizen data combined with restrictions on international transfers. These values are demonstrated by the Chinese Social Credit System, which is intended to aggregate financial, law enforcement, commercial, social media and other data in order to monitor citizens’ compliance with various obligations, determine sanctions and encourage certain behaviours."

Vallance goes on to praise China's model by suggesting that the citizens like the 'safety' it offers stating: "Evidence suggests people in China typically indicate higher levels of trust and lower levels of concern over data use and privacy than those in the EU and US."

Patrick Vallance goes on to sell the idea of a British Social Credit System on the grounds of 'safety' and 'national security' with vague references to 9/11 and US patriot act.

He goes on to state that "The UK government should seek to clearly articulate what it wants to achieve with its data system: what economic, social and security-related ambitions it has for better use of citizen data and what objectives for security, inclusion and individual rights it will prioritise."

Citizen data presents 'enormous potential' for authorities.

Patrick Vallance, the plan's author, gives a chilling message in the preface, writing:

"Citizen data presents enormous potential value to consumers, businesses and public authorities. In the digital age, a range of information about citizens can now be used far more easily for a wider set of purposes, and for purposes which were not initially anticipated. These can also involve malicious intent and, without careful management, harm to individuals, society and national security."

'Across the boundaries of industry, government, and our personal lives.'

Patrick Vallance: "Data collected for one purpose can be used many times over for a range of other ones, and government policy in one area can have unintended impacts elsewhere."

l"inking together of new types of citizen data – across the boundaries of industry, government, and our personal lives – offers some of the greatest opportunities."

2030 Agenda.

Patrick Vallance again:  "We use this to build four plausible scenarios for the landscape of data systems across the world in 2030. These are intended to help decision-makers form ambitious strategies that are resilient to the uncertainties that prevail."

Vallance goes on to boast: "Governments can use several levers and policy stances to shape domestic data systems. These include regulation on privacy and data protection; competition policy; use of data for national security and law enforcement; and the use and sharing of public sector data."

Problem, Reaction, Solution

The appointment of Patrick Vallance has rung alarm bells in many who point to the suspicious timing of his last government role, only a matter of months before Covid mysteriously appeared. The public, however trusting, are not simply going to adopt Digital Communism leading some to suggest that a planned 'crisis' will force the adoption. A cyber attack, blamed on Russia is thought to be most likely.

Called a 'black swan event', it will happen on a Friday, taking-down the banks leaving the public unable to buy food or fuel, leading to panic, rioting, and civil unrest. Blackouts will occur as the power-grid is also attacked. As the country falls into anarchy the Government will, miraculously, have a 'solution': that solution will resemble the Digital Communism, contained in the Great Reset.

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