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'There's No Evidence We Were Involved in Nord Stream Pipeline Attack' Says Pentagon

'Trusted' reporter with a history of fake news gets the scoop.

When the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was sabotaged on Tuesday, the mainstream media, were quick to blame Putin. It made no sense then and it doesn't now. Fox News' Tucker Carlson pointed out that it was the US that stood more to gain and that their President, Joe Biden had threatened to do exactly that, blow it up, on live tv, just days before the Russians invaded Ukraine.

However, Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin has confirmed that the U.S. was not responsible for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline explosion, because the Pentagon told her so.

Despite the president's 'admission' live on tv, and without any investigation having taken place, Griffin’s crack journalism has solved the case.

“There is no evidence or indication the US was involved in any way with the Nordstream 2 pipeline explosions,” Griffin tweeted. “My question at the Pentagon briefing today: Can you rule out that the U.S. was involved? Senior Military Official: ‘Yeah, we were absolutely not involved.’ "

This is exactly the 'technique' that so called 'fact checkers' have used to 'confirm' vaccines are safe. Asking the very people committing the act if they committed the act and taking the denial as a 'fact'.

Griffin has a history of fake news and propaganda. As Chris Menahan notes, the Fox News reporter has been guilty of brazenly amplifying false regime propaganda before. “Earlier this year, Griffin put out the debunked hoax story that Russia bombed the Babi Yair holocaust memorial in Ukraine.”

The reporting was later debunked after an Israeli journalist visited the site and found it to be completely unscathed. Griffin also recycled the lie that Russia was using “mobile crematoriums” to “evaporate” war dead, when the supposed video proving it was taken from a 2013 YouTube video.

“When news came out about US biolabs in Ukraine, Griffin also simply repeated Pentagon talking points to dismiss the story as a nothingburger,” writes Menahan. When Griffin was recently rewarded with a new multiyear contract, she stated that it “has been an honor to provide viewers with trusted reporting from the Pentagon and across the world on issues that are paramount to all of us – the security and safety of our fellow citizens and allies.”

“Trusted reporting.”

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