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The Shocking Truth About Public Health England

Public Health England: Getting their priorities right

Over the last decade they have interfered in every aspect of our lives. From what we eat and drink, to what we are supposed to think on Transgender issues, Public Health England have made it their business to tell us what to do. They’ve taxed us, bullied us and made our lives less free and less joyous. Public Health England have occupied themselves, and justified their huge salaries, by issuing ridiculous diktats and communist-style regulations, on an almost weekly basis.

Now a real public health emergency has happened, Public Health England have proven to be completely unprepared. Had they not spent their time, when the sun was shining, virtue-signalling and trying to impose Socialist ideologies on the British people via the back door, they would have been more prepared for a real health crisis when it arrived.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic Public Health England have been a shambles. They’ve failed to get a grip on the situation, failed to test the right people, with the right tests, at the right time, putting key workers at risk and vastly prolonging the outbreak as a result. They have imposed a lockdown of uk citizens whilst allowing planes from countries like China, Italy and Spain to continue bringing people into the country unchallenged. They’ve failed to secure respirators for a pandemic they knew was coming and have given any number of weak and feeble excuses for their incompetence. The British people are, quite rightly, now saying ‘enough’. Whilst they were reducing the size of chocolate bars, telling road planners how to do their job, and calling men in for Mammograms they should have been planning for a public health emergency, as their name would suggest.

It has taken Industry and the army to come to the rescue of the public in this health crisis. With the likes of McLaren designing and manufacture respirators, clothing companies turning their factories to PPE manufacture and The British Army building a hospital in just 9 Days.

When the current pandemic is over we should have a total rethink of our bureaucracy in this country as, for many, they are no longer fit-for-purpose.

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