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The LANCET Caught Publishing Climate PROPAGANDA by Top Scientist

“‘This is disgraceful for a supposedly scientific journal’”

Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace and one of the smartest people on the planet, presents a chart published by Lancet that exhibits "an unequal Y-Axis, downplaying the fact that cold weather causes 10 times more deaths than heat in Europe."

Dr Moore spotted the data manipulation and represented the graph with the Y-Axis equal on both sides.

The Lancet, once one of the most respected scientific journals in the world, is becoming increasingly untrustworthy. This is not the first time the science journal has been caught peddling propaganda, during the early days of the pandemic it did nothing but that, even refusing to publish anything negative about health policy. That is not science, and the Lancet is no longer in the science business. It is in the propaganda business.


Video: CNN Director Caught Bragging About Election Interference and Climate Change Propaganda

CNN's technical director boasts how they 'got trump out of office' and that climate change will be the "next covid thing"

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