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The Fake Arrest of Greta Thumberg

Pathetic attempt to stay relevant.

Greta Thumberg appeared in the news again yesterday. The climate change activist that allegedly alerted the world to a climate emergency was reportedly arrested by police whilst protesting the expansion of a coal mine in Lützerath, Germany. News outlets claimed that Thumberg, 20, had been 'detained' by German police and showed her being carried away by two officers dressed in full riot gear.

The event was fake.

Greta Thumberg was not arrested.

The police firstly didn't arrest Thumberg, though that was implied by the media coverage. They state that Ms Thunberg was part of a group of protesters that "stormed" towards the edge of the open-cast mine, described by officers as "steep and extremely dangerous". The force said the activist was not arrested but was instead carried along with other protesters for identification.

Police posed for publicity shots.

As can be clearly seen in the video, the riot police then posed for Thumberg's publicity shots, with her handlers co-ordinating the entire thing for the cameras that just happened to be there.

Fake-checkers rush to denounce the viral video as 'false'.

The BBC claim "A viral post falsely claimed the climate activist being held by police was "all set up for the cameras". Ms Thunberg and other activists were seeking to stop the abandoned village of Lützerath from being demolished for the expansion of a coal mine.

The video of her being removed by police has gained millions of views.

"We would never give ourselves to make such recordings," a spokesperson for local police told the BBC, denying allegations that Ms Thunberg's detainment was fake.

'But it is important that the police enable reporting and guarantee the protection of media workers' they said.

Clearly this was a publicity stunt. One of many that Thumberg's handlers have orchestrated since she was 15. Thumberg has become an irrelevance, no longer a child, her unique selling point is no more. She's just become another obnoxious Gen Z'er with nothing new to say. We are likely to see more desperate attempts at getting publicity in coming months as she tries to stay relevant. Don't be at all surprised if she announces she's Trans, non-binary, or some such. She fits the profile, autistic, left-wing, narcissistic and desperate for attention, it's almost inevitable.

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