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The Black Child Slaves Helping a Local Council "Do Good"

An English city council has painted the slogan "DOING GOOD" on their fleet of vehicles to remind the public just how virtuous they are.

Not wishing to be outdone by their colleagues in the virtue-signalling stakes, Oxford City Council has painted their latest marxist-style slogan all over a new fleet of vehicles, costing £41m of taxpayers money so far.

Oxford City Council declared a climate emergency in 2019, resolving to make the city Net Zero by 2030. Soon after the emergency was declared council officials began the purchase of a fleet of shiny new electric vehicles, each one adorned with the slogan "DOING GOOD" on it.

The council state that they have spent £41m on 'doing good', creating what they describe as an 'energy superhub' and purchasing 40 electric vehicles, including an electric refuse collection truck, a street sweeper, an excavator, and mix of different sized vans.

They go on to boast:

In April 2020, the City Council took the delivery of its first electric vehicles for the project.

Some initial findings from between October 2021 to October 2022 have found: ODS electric vehicles have been charged for 7,185 hours - equal to 299 days: 83,830 kWh of energy has been used to charge ODS’ electric vehicle fleet: ODS vehicles travelled 1,524,899 miles – the same distance as travelling from John o' Groats to Land's End 2,281 times.

Councillor Nigel Chapman, Cabinet Member for Citizen Focused Services States:

“The Fleet data project has given and will continue to give an invaluable insight into the fleet’s contribution to Oxford City Council’s carbon emissions... This is key for us achieving a net Zero Carbon Council by 2030.”

But in order for Oxford Council to boast how they're "doing good" an army of black child slaves, some as young as four, had to dig out the precious minerals needed to make those vehicles go.
Presumably they didn’t have enough space to add how they are 'doing good' as a direct result of modern slavery.

According to the UN: An estimated 40,000 Children, some as young as four, are being forced to slave for 12 hours a day, in the most extreme conditions, extracting cobalt for use in the manufacture of Lithium batteries. For this they receive just ten cents per day and are constantly threatened with violence. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the world's largest cobalt producer and produces over 60% of the world's supply of the mineral.

But it's ok: Oxford City Council have a modern slavery statement which states:

'Oxford City Council is committed to eliminating and preventing acts of Modern Slavery and human trafficking within its business and supply chains, sub-contractors and partners.

they go on to list one of the signs of modern slavery as: 'Labour Exploitation: Victims are made to work against their will, often working very long hours for little or no pay, in dire conditions under constant verbal or physical threats of violence to them or their families'

They go on to claim they take a 'robust and proactive approach to Modern Slavery' and go on to say they have appointed a "full time Anti-Slavery" Coordinator for Oxfordshire to lead on Modern Slavery work.

"Doing Good" isn't just hollow sloganeering, its virtue signalling at the expense of child slaves leaving some to wonder just how much good they really are doing.


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