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Tesco's 'Medical Apartheid' Advert Receives 1,500 Complaints and Prompts a Unique Style of Protest

British public have had a belly-full of social engineering adverts.

Tesco’s Christmas advert, which features Father Christmas showing a Covid vaccine passport at customs, has become the most complained about advert of the year with it totting up over 1,500 in just its first week of showing and has prompted thousands to protest the supermarket.

The advert begins outside of a Tesco store, with a customer set on trying to make sure she has everything prepared for Christmas. The advert then follows her on her journey home where she encounters merrymakers overcoming anything that is thrown at them. In one scene a reporter appears on TV with the ‘breaking news’ that Father Christmas could be quarantined. He is then shown presenting his Covid vaccine pass at border control, showing he can be let into the country.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the bulk of complaints were from viewers suggesting the festive ad is ‘coercive’ and ‘encourages medical discrimination on vaccine status’. The U.K. regulator said it is currently investigating the complaints to decide whether to take further action.

A spokesman for the ASA said: “We’ve received over 1,000 complaints regarding this advert.

“We are currently carefully reviewing these complaints to determine whether there are any grounds for further action." “The large majority of complaints assert that the ad is coercive, and encourages medical discrimination based on vaccine status.”

#BoycottTesco has begun trending on social media over as angry shoppers push back against government the retailer promoting the government's medical tyranny. Shoppers have been doing their entire weeks shopping in the supermarket and then leaving the trolley, walking out of the store and posting the results on social media.

The British people have had enough of corporations trying to socially-engineer them via their television advertising. It is bad enough that every single advert now has to feature a black or mixed-race person, or worse still; transgender child, without medical apartheid on its list of things to include. #BoycottTesco

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