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'Sex Ban': Advisors Laughed as They Denied Millions Most Basic of Human Rights

New Lockdown Files released by the Telegraph reveal that Government Advisors talked about imposing a sex ban as if it was an entirely trivial thing.

Millions denied the most basic of human rights.

Whatsapp messages between Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance, James Slack, and Cleo Watson will be tough reading for the millions of dating people whose love-life they destroyed. The messages are flippant and lack even the most basics of human dignity.

During the exchange, Cleo Watson sends a laughing icon as the officials nonchilantly discuss the Sex Ban.


James Slack Prime Minister's Official Spokesman Chris, Patrick - sorry for this, but the biggest Q of the day for our finest political journalists is: can I see my boyfriend or girlfriend if we don’t live in the same household? They also want to know can they go to visit a boyfriend/girlfriend at home? (I presume that’s a firm No) and can they meet in the street, given that’s a gathering of only two people? 14:17 Patrick Vallance Government Chief Scientific Adviser 'Aim is to break contacts between households so the strict answer is that they shouldn’t meet or should bunker down in the same house. But Chris can give the official CMO love advice' 14:28 James Slack Prime Minister's Official Spokesman 'So if both are symptom free and they commit to staying holed up together for the duration, one could move in with the other..? I fear I may be entering choppy waters on this one.. 14:38 Cleo Watson Special Advisor 😂 14:46 Chris Whitty Chief Medical Officer 'I think a bit of realism will be needed. If it’s a regular partner I don’t think people are likely to listen to advice not to see them for 3 weeks or maybe more. We could say; if they can avoid seeing one another they should, and if either of them has an older or vulnerable person in the house they must.' 14:48 James Slack Prime Minister's Official Spokesman Thanks. So something like.. ‘What we are seeking to do is to break the link of infection between households. Couples who live apart should avoid seeing one another; this is particularly crucial if either of them has an older or vulnerable person in the house.’

The discussion came on March 24, 2020 – the day after Boris Johnson, then the prime minister, gave the first order that the public should “stay at home” and avoid contact with people living in other households. For couples living separately, it became an effective sex ban because people were not allowed to meet up in houses that were not their own. This only became evident to the 'experts' after the initial announcement. Now we learn that three middle-aged men none of whom the sex ban would have effected, made the decision, not based on science, or evidence, but as an afterthought.

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