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Scientists Discover 'Covid Toe', Is There Nothing this Virus Can't Do?

It's yet another first for a respiratory disease.

The list of ailments claimed to be caused by SARS COV-2 Pneumonia is getting bigger by the day. It now has reportedly been found cause of Long Covid; testicular impairment; hair dye reaction; Myocarditis and Pericarditis in teenagers; Diabetes; female Infertility; and now Covid Toe.

The BBC have run endless scare-stories about Covid-19 being the worst killer plague in all human history, despite none of us actually knowing anyone who has died from it, and, in between the days they're not doing hit-pieces on 'Anti-Vaxxers' they've taken to claiming an ever increasing number of ailments, conditions and illnesses are caused by the pesky virus.

The world was already reeling from the shocking news that Covid-19 makes you allergic to hair dye and now, as we all come to terms with that we are reliably informed that it also causes Chilblains! I know, i couldn't take it in either.

According to the BBC Scientists believe they can explain why some people who catch Covid develop chilblain-like lesions on their toes and even fingers. Covid toe appears to be a side effect of the body switching into attack mode to fight off the virus. The researchers say they have pinpointed the parts of the immune system that appear to be involved. The findings, in the British Journal of Dermatology, may help with treatments to ease the symptoms.

The Beeb go on to show a young girl (Sofia) who happily says "all of the Covid tests have come back negative, but everyone all thinks it's Covid" she then mentions 'long covid' another and that she now gets around in a wheelchair when the chilblains and blisters get too bad and that she's 'quite scared'.

There then follows some pseudoscience with all the right words and phrases dropped in there to add weight to the piece. 'Immune system' ;'protein', and' fighting' all get prominence so the reader is convinced this really is another consequence of the Covid virus.

Respiratory disease, of which Covid-19 is one, don't cause chilblains, or allergic reactions to hair-dye or droopy dick for that matter. As no scientist has managed to isolate the virus yet we can't even say that Covid-19 has caused a single fatality. We are now in a post-truth world where Covidians assign any and all illness as caused by Covid-19.

Between observational selection (also called the enumeration of favourable circumstances); confusion of correlation and causation; and post hoc, ergo propter hoc (Latin for “It happened after, so it was caused by”) this is all kinds of wrong. Research scientists, who are almost always paid to come up with this nonsense, can now lazily shout 'covid'! and nobody will question them, whilst the inclusion of the word of the decade will guarantee their paper will get publicity it otherwise simply wouldn't get. This story is neither Science nor journalism, it's propaganda.

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