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Sajid Javid to SACK 106,000 Unvaccinated NHS Workers as New Rules Come into Force

The Health Secretary Sajid Javid is pushing ahead with plans to make it law all NHS workers must be fully vaccinated to remain employed in the organisation.

This move comes as the NHS enters the winter period and their now predictable claims of being overwhelmed again.

But figures released by the Government reveal there are over 106,000 people who are totally unvaccinated currently working in the NHS. The NHS maintain that the unvaccinated make up 'only a small percentage' of workers but that is only because of its bloated size as Europe's biggest employer with 1.6 million staff.

Despite the NHS already claiming to be under pressure due to the 'unprecedented Covid crisis', Javid has decided to press ahead with the plan by introducing legislation that will make vaccinations ‘a condition of employment’ for health workers. This would follow what Joe Biden has done in America — where all medical employees face vaccine mandates and companies with more than a hundred employees must enforce vaccinations or weekly testing.

The NHS is quietly releasing monthly vaccination records of staff which include breakdowns for demographics such as ethnicity, social background and health vulnerability and these data now include vaccination rates by NHS Trust. The figures show there are over 106,000 unvaccinated staff of which 32,000 are in London alone. But Javid is threatening to fire all of them because of their refusal to submit to an experimental drug that kills 1 person for every 2 it saves.

The Sunday times suggests that Javid believes the move would 'protect vulnerable patients from catching the virus in hospital', but as the 106,351 figure includes thousands of Doctors and Nurses the move will only put even more strain on hospitals who already claim they're being overwhelmed.

Whitehall has warned that not only will NHS staff be required to take the first two Covid jabs but any and all booster jabs that authorities demand, a spokesman saying "it will be an ongoing requirement to be fully vaccinated to maintain employment"

Javid is also pushing ahead with the plan for care home staff to be fully vaccinated by November 11th, even though the industry has warned that the draconian law will see over 100,000 in that industry quit the sector entirely.

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