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Sajid Javid Threatens Elderly to Get Booster Jab or Face Christmas Alone Again

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has called on the elderly to get the booster jab to avoid the 'need' for another Christmas lockdown.

The health secretary is the latest government official to make the veiled-threat about cancelling Christmas, but this time it was specifically the elderly that he targeted, the group who have been most obedient and least in need of any more threats or scaremongering.

Speaking to Sky News Javid said

"Around 30% of people aged over 80 and 40% of over 50s in England are yet to receive a top-up jab of the Covid vaccine, according to the Department of Health." “We know immunity begins to wane after six months, especially for the elderly and the vulnerable, and booster vaccines will top-up their protection to keep people safe over the winter."

“I strongly urge everybody who is eligible for a Covid booster or flu vaccine to take up the offer as soon as you can." “For those not yet eligible, please help your parents, grandparents or vulnerable loved ones get their jabs, as it could save their life.” adding "If we all come together and play our part, we can get through this challenging winter, avoid a return to restrictions and enjoy Christmas”.

Many of the elderly are still traumatised by an entire year being locked-up, unable to see their family, hug grandchildren, or spend Christmas with loved ones. Threatening them with another Christmas alone is a disgusting act.

According to Government figures over 80% of adults are already double-vaccinated, but now of course they have moved the goalposts again with those 45 million people effectively having their 'compliance score' reset to zero. Every single one of them must now get the booster jab, AND the flu jab to still earn their freedom. Except that mysteriously won't get them any more freedom than anyone who has received no jab at all, because a new strain, a new need, maybe even a new virus, will put the triple-vaxed back to square one. Meaning scaring the elderly is not necessary and even more of a disgusting act.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Nov 08, 2021

WE DO NOT COMPLY. Do these arseholes NEVER give-up ?

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