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'Rules Are For SERFS' as Australian Prime Minister Jets to See Family for Father's Day in Lockdown

While locked down Australians are being told they shouldn’t even talk to neighbours, Prime Minister Scott Morrison reportedly took a private jet to visit his family in Sydney breaking his own Lockdown rules and then failing to quarantine upon returning to Canberra as well.

“After receiving an ‘essential work exemption, Mr Morrison flew over Father’s Day weekend to Sydney in New South Wales on Saturday, before returning on Monday morning to Canberra. Critics say he made the trip to see his family, something fellow Australians were prevented from doing,” reports the Telegraph.

Both Sydney and Canberra are under draconian lockdowns, with people only being allowed to leave their homes for ‘essential’ reasons and citizens prevented from traveling significant distances, although those rules don’t appear to apply to Morrison.

Under normal COVID-19 rules, Morrison should have been forced to undergo two weeks quarantine upon his return to Canberra, but the PM “did not enter quarantine, instead conducting face-to-face government business.”

Meanwhile, 'serfs' were prevented from seeing their own family members on Father’s Day.

“I think Mr Morrison has exercised poor judgment in this case … It’s not that he doesn’t deserve to see his kids, but so does every other Australian,” said opposition MP Bill Shorten.

Australia has imposed the most brutal lockdown in the developed world, with citizens being told they shouldn’t engage in conversations with each other even while wearing masks.

This comes only a day after it was announced that authorities in Victoria, Australia announced they will “lock out” unvaccinated people from being able to participate in the economy.

Scott Morrison clearly doesn't think that the rules apply to him, only the 'little people' and obviously doesn't believe that Covid is a real danger either.

Australia has fallen.

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