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Royal College of Nursing: Turkeys Voting for Christmas

If you supported Lockdowns you voted to be poorer. If you told the public to stay at home you voted to be poorer. If you demanded the public 'save the NHS' at the cost of everything else YOU VOTED TO BE POORER.

For some of us there is a depressing inevitability about all this. We knew that shutting down the economy for months on end would destroy the country. We tried to warn you, tried to make you see sense; that lockdowns were suicide for all of us, you included. You wouldn't listen; preferring to call us 'granny killers', 'conspiracy theorists', and 'anti-vaxxers', and now look where you are: wondering why the magic-money tree is not paying you more.

Those same people you called names were the ones who put into the economy so you could take out. They ran the businesses that paid the taxes that paid your wages. Demanding they stopped working for months on end meant they couldn't pay those taxes. They couldn't pay your wages. Ironically the very thing that was said would 'save the NHS' is the very thing that's broken it.

Whilst you were claiming hero status, and posting your latest line dancing routine on Tiktok many of those people who couldn't earn a living lost their livelihood, many more lost their homes.

Without the private sector generating revenue to fund the public sector the public sector also dies. You cannot have one without the other.

The government has no money of its own, it is entirely funded by the private sector economy. The symbiotic relationship was broken when the public sector demanded the private sector downed-tools. Sure eleven million got government assistance to stay at home, but that was a massive ponzi scheme and, like all ponzi schemes, it's come crashing down around our ears.

It didn’t take a genius to realise that sabotaging the private sector would cause inflation so high that our grandchildren will still be paying it off when they are old.


8th April 2020

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