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The globalist agenda begins again.

Rishi Sunak has wasted no time implementing the World Economic Forum's agenda. In office less than 24 hours and the Manchurian candidate has already reimposed a ban on fracking. lifted by Liz Truss, reimposing of it will force Britain to be at the mercy of foreign powers, face huge bills, and years of power-cuts.

“I stand by the manifesto on that,” the new Prime Minister told MPs in the Commons – referring to the 2019 moratorium on drilling for shale gas. His decision will cause untold damage to the economy and brings the spectre of death from blackouts one step closer.

Sunak also hinted he would be bring back the effective ban on onshore wind farms, which his predecessor also planned to remove to boost the U.K.’s energy supplies.

The media are now claiming that it was the lifting of the fracking ban that brought down the curtain on Liz Truss’s disastrous premiership. But that contradicts what they said last week; when they claimed it was the Bond markets being spooked that brought down her premiership. Certainly, the globalists couldn't give a stuff about the Bond market, and are only obsessed with starving the west of cheap energy, so it is far more likely that fracking was the cause, if one were ever needed.



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Robert Raw
Robert Raw
27 oct 2022

WE need a general election to get rid of these WEF perverts.

Me gusta
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