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Prague Shooter "Inspired by Events Abroad"

Prague's Police chief has said that the gunman who brutally killed 14 was 'inspired by a similar event abroad'.

A young man named by the media as David Kozak reportedly shot his father before going on a rampage at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts, which he attended as a student.

Authorities immediately issued a statement to say that the incident was 'not linked to international terrorism'. However, in a statement to media where he appeared to say the quite bit out loud, the police stated that the shooter had been inspired by a 'similar event abroad' but did not elaborate on which incident that was.

More than 15 people have been killed while numerous others are seriously injured. The shooter reportedly killed himself.

Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda reacted with a despairing sense of resignation over the whole thing, telling broadcasters, “The thing is, of course, a tragedy, it is a tragedy that occurs in the modern world. We know very well that for a number of years we have been hearing from the United States that there has been an excess of some shooter shooting in a school or on the street or somewhere.”

“We have always thought that this is a matter that does not concern Europe and us, that this is a matter that is also a given in the United States due to the fact that everyone there is armed, etc.”

“Now, unfortunately, it turns out that our world is also changing and we have the problem of the individual shooter whose reasons for what he does are not entirely clear. And the worst thing about it is that these are things that cannot be solved preventively,” said Svoboda.

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