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Police to Investigate 'White Lives Matter' Banner

Police are to investigate the pilot who flew the 'White Lives Matter' banner over Burnley's Etihad stadium after anti-discrimination activists condemned the banner as a "racist Stunt". The Banner, which was flown over the game as players 'took the knee' for Black Lives Matter during last nights football match, has gained worldwide coverage with the same media organisations who hailed Marxist-orchestrated 'Black Lives Matter' riots as peaceful demonstrations hailing this as a "Far right stunt".

Lancashire Constabulary's East Division Football Unit, responsible for policing Burnley games, said it "will be fully investigating", whilst Burnley football club have vowed to issue lifetime bans to supporters they find commissioned the banner.

The Police are unable to simply prosecute those organising the banner as it is, in essence, the same as thousands of "Black Lives Matter" banners that have been displayed all over the country, and does not constitute a breach of any current speech laws. Therefore Lancashire police are pursuing the pilot under an obscure EU law that means the pilot would have had to gain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) before taking to the sky for what they say would have been classified as a "high-risk specialised operation."

Would there have been a police investigation if the banner had said "black Lives Matter" ? Or does changing one word of a slogan now constitute a criminal act? Perhaps Burnley supporters do not want to see their club hijacked by Marxists, and freedom of thought is now considered against the law. Whatever perspective you view this from, and whatever the motives, the police searching for a 'gotcha' shows, again, they are politicised and that is very bad news for all of us.

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