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Pfizer Vaccine Can't Be Given to Care Home Residents

Completely useless for the very people who need it

Following yesterday's hysterical announcement that the Pfizer vaccine has been rushed through approval the back-peddling now starts in earnest as the experts announce that this particular vaccine cannot be given to the only group that are at risk from Covid-19: elderly patients in Care Homes.

In typical weasel words that we have come to expect from technocrats the committee that created the programme said "The priority list for a Covid vaccine was always designed to be flexible".

Well, that's alright then.

The technocrats then go on to claim "Care homes are at the top of the JCVI's priority list but logistical issues mean there could be a delay in getting it to residents."

In reality, the vaccine has to be stored at -70c and only comes in large batches. meaning it can't be transported, stored or administered without highly specialised equipment. Only 50 hospitals in the entire UK have the facilities to deal with this vaccine.

Prof Harnden, in charge of the vaccine committee said he "understood delays in delivering the vaccine to care homes would be disappointing for residents and their families" but failed to admit that, despite the huge trumpetting of this vaccines approval yesterday, the ONLY cohort that possibly may need it, can't get it.

Prof Harnden went on to assure the public that "the vaccine won't be wasted" so is likely to be given to people who either don't need it or don't want it.

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