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Pfizer Booster Jab Kills 71 Year Old Woman Who 'Thought it Was Harmless'

Died 24th November 2021, Aged 71

Philomena’s Daly's story is told by her son Sean here:

"She was out for dinner with the family on the Saturday before having the flu jab and Pfizer Booster jab, both on the same day, which was Tuesday 16th Nov 2021. Suddenly on Wednesday morning, which was the 17th, she had a heart attack which has since been described as severe, and also caused extensive brain damage on the left-hand side of the brain."

"They said this damage was caused because they had been trying to resuscitate her for 40 mins and they claim the lack of oxygen caused failure in the organs. The injection on the 16th was Pfizer and she passed away on Wednesday 24th at 6:15p.m."

We are residents in St Albans and she was treated at Watford hospital. They have since said a Coroners inquest will also be conducted.

St Albans, UK

Philomena’s Daly Died 24th November 2021, Aged 71

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Another needless death. So very saddening.

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