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Petrol and diesel vehicles banned from 2035

Petrol and Diesel cars, already set to be banned from sale by 2040 are now to be banned by 2035.

In a surprise move to some, hybrid vehicles will also be banned as the UK Government claim the new target is for a ‘cleaner, greener future’. The ban is part of the aim towards zero carbon emissions by 2050. The ban is thought to be designed to favour attention before the Climate Change Summit to be held in Glasgow later this year.

Sceptics have pointed to the fact that, there is no infrastructure for electric vehicles to recharge and that the government should have made commitments to build that first before a move towards banning alternatives.

However this ‘ambitious’ target has drawn criticism even from climate change activists who claim this to be only ‘playing lip-service’ to the ‘Climate emergency’. The reaction does not surprise others as it is increasingly clear that the real intention of climate activists is the destruction of Capitalism, anything else is simply not acceptable to them.

Questions have also been raised again about the world reserves of Lithium, the rare element needed to make modern batteries. There is not even a fraction of lithium in known deposits anywhere on earth to supply the millions of vehicles of this utopian green future if electric cars were to replace petrol and diesel.

Photo By Rufa A-zade - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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