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Perspex Screens Actually Increase COVID Spread Says Report

More Government Theatre

A leaked Whitehall document seen by website Politico suggests that perspex screens installed to stop the transmission of COVID-19 probably increased its spread.

Businesses and schools were told by the government to install the screens as a condition of reopening after the first lockdown and they were widely used by ‘essential’ shops throughout the entire period making the world look like a lab-rat maze and even more like some sort of dystopian movie from the 1970s.

Now Politico’s Alex Wickham writes that the perspex screens may be scrapped given new information the government has received on their efficacy.

“Ministers are also being advised that those perspex screens that have appeared in some offices and restaurants are unlikely to have any benefit in terms of preventing transmission,” states the report. “Problems include them not being positioned correctly, with the possibility that they actually increase the risk of transmission by blocking airflow. Therefore there is clear guidance to ministers that these perspex screens should be scrapped.”

However, despite the report, government ministers say there is no plan to change advice on installing the screens in businesses. This is not surprising as the government have already been made aware that masks don't work, or indeed lockdowns. This, is just more theatre.

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