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Penny Mordaunt is one of Klaus Schwab's "Young Global Leaders"

The virtual unknown appears to be placed to become Britain's next Prime Minister, and if she succeeds, will be another victory for Klaus Schwab who boasts that he has 'young global leaders' embedded in governments right around the world.

Mordaunt gave an impassioned speech at her campaign launch where she claimed that, were she Prime Minister, would bring back traditional Tory values, but this claim appeared to evaporate before she'd even left the building as it emerged she was little more than another Schwab puppet.

Mordaunt has written her own version of Schwab's Great Reset for Britain, called Greater Britain After the Storm in which she makes the same sort of claims as Schwab about the world, society and the economy. A book that the Telegraph called: "The most important political book nobody has read, yet". The forward of the book is by one Bill Gates, a personal friend of Mordaunts and someone who sits at the top table of the world's elite.

Her campaign for leadership is also peppered with key words and phrases that allude to the WEF's 'Great Reset'. Tweeting in the third person Mordaunt wrote:

"Penny Mordaunt will deliver the new economic vision that Britain needs" and thanked Gerard Lyons for reprinting her press release saying she'll 'Reset the economy'

If Mordaunt becomes PM Britain will be subjected to all of the Neo-Marxist ideologies espoused by Schwab: Total control of your money, food, power, and the internet. Don't let the glossy veneer fool you; Mordaunt represents a threat to democracy itself.


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