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Penny Mordaunt Can't Define What a Woman is But Says Criticism of Her Trans-Stance Will Fail

Oh, and she just happens to be a member of the World Economic Forum.

Penny Mordaunt, the surprise frontrunner in the Conservative leadership contest, has been exposed as a conservative in name only, after it emerged that she espouses left-wing ideologies and is an member of the Neo-Marxist World Economic Forum organisation.

Mordaunt states in her book: "Trans men are men, trans women are women." and has repeated her belief to colleagues and in the commons.

Now that Mordaunt is making a bid for the leadership she is trying to distance herself from her previous comments. Asked about the subject on Friday, Ms Mordaunt said she wanted to talk about the cost-of-living crisis rather than 'toilets', but it was right that transgender women are "issued a legal document in their new gender". adding "They are not biological women like me, but the law recognises them in their new gender and that's very simple and straightforward,"

Mordaunt Work with Stonewall on teaching LGBT ideologies in schools.

In 2018, Mordaunt, the then women and equalities minister, told MPs that "trans men are men, trans women are women" at the launch of a consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act. The same year she also published a government LGBT action plan as an "ally" of far-left activist group Stonewall, which proposed even more teaching in schools on trans issues.

Online Safety Bill

Mordaunt is reportedly a big supporter of the Online 'Safety' Bill and has confirmed to reporters that, if she becomes PM, will push through the bill in parliament in September. The Bill will effectively outlaw any criticism of Trans ideology whatsoever, redefining anything less than total support for the group as 'hate speech', It's Mordaunt's viewpoint or face possible criminal charges.

Mordaunt on Climate Change

It comes as little surprise that it is not just one left-wing view that Penny Mordaunt Holds, she is also thinks the world is in imminent peril from Global Warming. in 2019 she tweeted "Climate change threatens our very existence, the huge scale of the challenge means we need to do things differently. I want DFD_UK to lead by example."

Mordaunt and the World Economic Forum

Given that she's pushing these ideologies it should come as no surprise that Mordaunt is a member of the World Economic Forum. In fact, her book: Greater Britain after the Storm has a forward by Bill Gates.

Mordaunt is one of Klaus Schwab's 'young global leaders', a personal friend of Bill Gates and a threat to British democracy itself.


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