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ONS Reveal PANDEMIC is OVER, Deaths Now BELOW Average.

So what do the UK Government say about unlocking?

The ONS announced today that there were just 10,045 deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending March 26th. This is 266 fewer than the previous week (and that week was the lowest since 2014). In addition, this week’s number is 5% below the five-year average, and marks the third consecutive week of “negative excess deaths”.

As we reported previously, according to overall death figures for 2020 there was no pandemic. When compared to the twenty year average last year sat bang-on the average line. But the UK government refused to acknowledge this, claiming that it was the FIVE YEAR AVERAGE that they used, and that 2020 had higher death rates than the previous five.

Now their very own benchmark, one of the key pieces of 'evidence' that we were in a pandemic shows that not only are there no access deaths but that the numbers are thousands below that of the five year average.

Here’s the chart from the ONS:

Over the last three weeks, there were 1,800 fewer deaths than you’d expect based on the average of the last five years. (And note that, because the population is ageing, the five-year average slightly understates the expected number of deaths.). What’s more, the number of deaths registered in the week ending March 26th was below the five-year average in seven out of nine English regions. (Only the East Midlands and West Midlands saw positive excess deaths.) Compared to the five-year average, weekly deaths were 7.5% lower in London, 9.3% lower in the South West, and a remarkable 10.7% lower in the East of England.

All this adds up to proving that the pandemic is over. These are the Government's 'gold standard' bean counters according to the BBC, and we have been told repeatedly that the roadmap will be "driven by data, not dates" well Boris, you fat twat, there's your data, for all the world to see.

We expect you to announce that all lockdown, social distancing, and masks wearing ends TOMORROW, and FOREVER.

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