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Obedience is Not a Virtue!

If you ever wondered whether you would have complied during 1930s Germany, now you know!

History repeats itself because we do not learn from it. We do not learn how to spot the signs of it repeating itself. Education is not simply memorising history and commemoration days, but understanding how Hitler convinced over 6 million ordinary people to follow along, not only in the persecution and killing of their fellow citizens, but also the experimentation on them, particularly children, and not fight back! He rose to power by convincing the general public that Jewish citizens were inherently selfish, were a threat to everyone around them and were spreading disease! Sound familiar?

This didn't all happen at once. It didn't start with gas chambers, it started with those in power controlling the media, controlling the message, deciding what is truth, censoring speech and silencing opposition. They then began dividing people into "Them" and "Us", whilst inciting intolerance, hate and harassment of "them". When people were given options between privileges for obedience, compliance, snitching and persecuting Jewish citizens, and consequences for helping them, they chose to stop caring, except for themselves, turned a blind eye and let it happen. But to stand by and ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.

If you ever wondered whether you would have complied during 1930s Germany, now you know!

Holocaust survivors have called on the International Criminal Court to proceed with the joint request from the UK, France, Czech Republic and Slovakia for an investigation of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by coerced (no jab no job) experimental mRNA injections that break the Nuremberg Code.

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Please republish that letter with pages 2 & 3 the same size as the other pages. It would make it easier to copy and paste and spread it around social media. Or at least provide a link to the original. Apart from that, keep up the good work.

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