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Now Scientists Claim Over 70s Need a THIRD Jab Before They're Protected

Not even half way through the first vaccine programme before the Government admit needing further vaccines as current one so ineffective.

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi told the Daily Telegraph the first 'booster' doses will go to the over-70s, health and social care staff and the clinically vulnerable.

Scientists are said to have been developing 'booster jabs' to combat new Covid variants, even though a virus is, essentially a collection of thousands of variants already. Incredibly, nobody in the British media has questioned the introduction of yet more vaccines, or the fact that, if a new vaccine is needed for emerging variants we are basically back to square-one, having to vaccinate ALL over-70s and clinically vulnerable all over again.

Revealing details of the plan to the Telegraph, Zahawi said the "most likely date" for booster jabs to begin would be September. September just happens to be when the government's Coronavirus Act bill comes to an end and Seasonal Flu begins again. None of this is a coincidence.

Deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam said "that if we are going to see a requirement for a booster jab to protect the most vulnerable, [it] would be around September".

Close observers of events will know that this will be the perfect excuse for more lockdowns, the cycle of deceit now well established. We'll need to lockdown 'just until we've vaccinated the over 70s and most vulnerable with a 'booster' jab for the mutation', is so obvious as to be insulting.

The language is exactly the same (why change it as it's worked so well before?) with SAGE saying 'The first 'booster' jabs will be given to those in the top four priority groups of the vaccine rollout - which include the over-70s. This is EXACTLY the same wording as for the first vaccine, however the first FOUR priority groups quickly turned into the first NINE groups, and then everyone before restrictions end.

The unveiling of the plan to start vaccinating everyone again because of a possible mutation comes amid stories of a third wave even though millions across Britain and Europe have had a vaccine. The Spanish Flu has, until now, been compared to Covid, but it didn't get a vaccine and didn't get a third wave so expect scientists to now claim that the two 'can't be compared' and that they never compared them in the first place, gaslighting the public again.

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